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another mega-late underrated vine compilation (Best of) RE-UPLOAD

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"mega" compilation of part 1,2,3,4, and 5, I put all my favorites in this video. Also, I know the video probably has ads but relax, im not making money out of this video, most vines are copyrighted. List of viners and songs: 0:00 engelwood - crystal dolphin/ Dolphin in Town by Kingo Hamada 0:10 dope island 0:17 Dan Curtin 0:23 mielmonster 0:29 Dan Curtin 0:36 Wahlid Mohammad 0:42 @twerk_for_sloths 0:47 @twerk_for_sloths 0:54 @twerk_for_sloths 1:00 @twerk_for_sloths 1:07 we will never know :( 1:13 Cody ko 1:19 yunglame 1:27 calebcity 1:33 enjaja 1:39 Nolan Rosenborough 1:46 guy with wifi 1:53 twitter tkylemac...
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