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“@An0n_Truther @mullerenzo12 @FreeInHart @Joriskie @WereldPijnCafe @ItsaNewDay71 @Jay51177485 @nxumalo_terence @MasihiunQ @SoulSurvivor60 @wmeijer4 @Monoganie @VonnyHoek @Energy_of_Light @ArcaneKnowledge @2ndtimehere @VendettaAnon1 @ladyblueky @Anons_revenge @PLATOSCAVE007 @buddendorf @Jaap30720385 @elijahfire8 @Freeflipfr @T3Baron @Mooinique1 @alainkahn @JeremyJacobs @what_if_history @Konawitch @Linda98657689 @G_Pr_0D9 @pufpufpafpaf @waedrinner @GebraadNiels @vrijdenkend @FishRuleEarth @MCaseum @MaartenWerkt @semprescettica @paulrikmans @VolkersBram @JeanneBizeau @Veerle66732334 @Aethonaia @newoaknl @meer_irma @ElveTwelve @AndreVanDelft #Trump questioned the #911 narrative stating bombs were used. In the 2016 elections he threatened Jeb Bush to reveal his involvement; 2 days later Bush withdrew.Did he flip to the other side?He's collecting incriminating evidence on his opponents to overpower them, not jail them.”
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