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L.D. Freeborn (Darrellee) on Gab

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L.D. Freeborn (Darrellee) on Gab
"In this next tweet and article, Jeb Bush and National Review agree that those who love Trump and support him in the White House are his worst enemies, and what he really needs is more people to thwart him at every turn. Pretty amazing the biggest loser in Presidential politics and a magazine founded by a leftist cop-killer-terrorist-loving, highway-peeing, closeted-homosexual degenerate can criticize the biggest winner in the history of Presidents: Trump’s Sycophants Are His Worst Enemies — Jeb Bush ( @ JebBush ) https://www. ald-trump-sycophants-endanger-his-presidency/ https:// 4450306328907779?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
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